Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Balls--and Many others not shown

Squirrel Squabble

Help two squirrels recover their nuts

A fun action puzzle game with a the option to play with two players.

The game is similar to the Connect 4 game, you must collect four nuts of the same type and arrange them in a row in your nut stash. Alternatively you can throw nuts at your opponent to distrate him.

The story mode sees you playing as a squirrel whose nutes have been stolen. Helped by his brother he has to recover them from the evil gang including a Sumo wrestler squirrel.

The game is attractively designed and fun to play.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Game: Reverse 2

The aim of the game is to guide your player around the levels, the movement of your cursor has been reversed.

Takes a few minutes to get used to.

Magic Spinball

1. Clear 3 levels of bricks by bouncing the ball with your paddle. Clear them all to advance to the next level. Grab the falling special features and use them to clear the levels faster.
2. Move the paddle sideways with your mouse to keep the ball from dropping out. Release the ball, shoot the laser and the rocket with your left mouse button.
3. Lasers and Rockets help you to destroy the bricks faster. You have to clear a level within the time limit to progress. You can escape early when the Warp hole opens.

Scrabble Blast Play online or download

Scrabble Blast is for those of you who love Scrabble but can't be bothered to drag out the old game board and round up a bunch of word-loving friends.

Three different play modes keep the action fun and fresh.
Be the player with the highest final score.

Forming a Word
Click the letters of a word one after the other to highlight and connect them. When you reach the last letter of the word, either click that letter again or click the "Score" button to score the word.

Words Accepted
Only three-letter words and higher are accepted. Proper nouns like the names of people and places are not accepted. Each letter tile in the word must touch the next one but can connect in any manner: forward,
backward, up, down, or diagonal.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Wonderland Secret Worlds

Wonderland Secret Worlds

The unique mix of puzzle solving and arcade/action is back in Wonderland Secret Worlds. A magical storm has blown into Wonderland and swept away the little Stinkers. It is up to you to rescue them. Control Wonderland's four heroes - Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue - through over a hundred new levels in the diverse worlds of Wonderland. With exciting new features and the same compelling gameplay of previous games, Wonderland Secret Worlds re-introduces you to a world of adventure, mystery, and fun!

* Secret Worlds offers over one hundred new levels
* Control up to four Characters
* Secret levels, story book elements, map-screens and more


Zzed: Addictive puzzler-shooter with a space twist.

Zzed is a new type of puzzler-shooter games that require quick thinking, good reaction and excellent stress management skills. If space waste management carrier sounds good to you (I promise, it's fun), then download Zzed and start busting away.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Will the real little guy please stand up.

A funny little game I do not dare play on "HARD"

Find the combination to get ALL the men stood up. Its that easy (NOT)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Super DX Ball

"The Next Generation In Brick-Breaking Games"
Super DX-Ball is the perfect mix of classic game play and amazing graphics that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy. Created by Michael P. Welch, the original author of DX-Ball, this game is hand-crafted to deliver the beautiful world of tessellation and repeating patterns in a way that has never been seen in a brick-breaking game... until now! The incredibly popular DX-Ball has finally made its big come back, and it was worth the wait.

Pocket Tanks

The fastest game of artillery you'll ever play. Pocket Tanks is designed to be easy to learn, and fun to master. All the excitement of lobbing projectiles over a mound of dirt without all the complicated details found in most artillery games. Select your angle, power, and fire over 30 distinct weapons at your opponent. There is an innovative Weapon Shop to keep the game moving fast and a Target Practice mode for experimenting with all the weapons "no holds barred!"download the shareware game and you still have 30 weapons to play with


Grow is probably the strangest, albeit most intriguing, game we've seen. Just start dragging the assorted materials (everything but the kitchen sink) into the red circle at the center and watch it grow. The object, as it becomes clear, is to add the materials in the correct order. This game can be won, but you'll need a lot of downtime at work to do so.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Easter Eggin'

Use your plunger to grab eggs and other goodies. Fill your Easter meter on each level to pass that level. Your extra Easter Points at the end of a level will carry over to the next level. Watch out for rotten eggs, crows, rocks and explosive eggs. Between levels you can buy items that can help you.

If you grab two of the same colored eggs in a row you will get combo points. See how long of a combo you can get. Two-colored eggs can be used for both colors' combo, and can switch the color of the combo.


Use your claw and reel to mine gold and other treasures out of the earth.

Your claw will swing back and forth. Click the mouse button (or press the down arrow) to lower it. Once the claw has grabbed something, it will begin to reel it up. Heavy objects like rocks and large pieces of gold will be harder to reel up. Grab Bags contain random amounts of money, a strength power-up, or a stick of dynamite. Between levels you can buy items that can help you.

Collect the target amount of money by the end of the level. If you don't meet your goal by the end of the level, it's game over. Your money carries over from one level to the next.

SWITCH Wakeboarding

Fire up the throttle and grab some air in this wicked cool wakeboarding game. Ride the rails or jump wakes and ramps, pulling off killer stunts in-air. With 3D graphics so realistic, you'll almost feel the water spray in your face.

Can be played ONLINE. No need to download

Use the arrow keys to steer.
Spacebar = Jump
Shift = Switch
"D" = Butterslide
"A" or "S" = Special moves while jumping

For more detailed instructions, see in-game help.

Word Blitz Deluxe

Looking for a fast-paced puzzle game that challenges you to assemble words out of an ever-increasing pile of letter tiles? Um, well, this would be that. Enjoy!

[Free Trial]


Planets is a 3D gravity simulation program. It allows you to create spherical bodies that can attract one another. With this you can build your own solar system, galaxy or ringed planet. This makes god games look like micromanagement.

Several features of Planets are:

* Up to 16384 planets
* Massless planets for faster calculation
* Standard functions for:
o Making a planet orbit a large planet
o Making a double star
o Adding rings to planets
* 3D glasses mode (adjustable for red/blue and red/green)
* A spaceship mode

Pong 3D

As one of the first computer games ever, Pong became an instant classic. But times change and everything has to be 3D these days. Obviously, Pong is no exception. So here it is: Pong 3D. The object of the game is simple as ever. Just stop the ball with your paddle and hope that your opponent can't. As opposed to some new Pong versions this is not just Pong with a flashy 3D look, but there's also an added dimension in the gameplay. And if the dimensions are too much for you after a while you can also play a classic preset with more familiar gameplay.

Recreational Warfare

Welcome to the old official RecWar Homepage. RecWar is a free, top-down vehicle deathmatch game. Play over a network, splitscreen or against bots. You can download RecWar here (1.9MB). Or click the thumbnails for some full size screenshots.

RecWar is one of the few games in the Vehicle based Top Down Shooters genre. It's an action game where the main goal is to destroy as many vehicles as possible. To do this you have several weapons and unlimited ammo at your disposal. You can play over a network, splitscreen against your friends or just kill computer opponents. Playing splitscreen and over a network at the same time is also possible (handy when you're on the same team). Like any self respecting deathmatch game, RecWar also includes team game and Capture The Flag play modes. The Flag isn't just any flag though...


* Three different vehicles with eight weapons (and a self-destruct mechanism)
* Three game modes: Deathmatch, Team War and Capture The Cow
* Splitscreen and network play. Even both at the same time
* Up to 64 players and 11 teams
* Host automatically sends levels if necessary
* Configurable taunts

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Squirrel Squabble

A fun action puzzle game with a the option to play with two players.

The game is similar to the Connect 4 game, you must collect four nuts of the same type and arrange them in a row in your nut stash. Alternatively you can throw nuts at your opponent to distrate him.

The story mode sees you playing as a squirrel whose nutes have been stolen. Helped by his brother he has to recover them from the evil gang including a Sumo wrestler squirrel.

The game is attractively designed and fun to play.
Download Size 35.52Mb

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

LingvoSoft Online Dictionary

Living in the modern world means that every minute is precious. Living in modern cities teaches us to save space. LingvoSoft brings you the world of word definitions, now - in cyberspace.

Do both, save space and time, access the information you need in split seconds! The LingvoSoft Online Dictionaries implement some of the best of ECTACO word databases and they are here to open up your eyes to the advantages of using electronic translation tools. LingvoSoft Online Dictionaries bring you the lighter versions of our superb translation and interpretation engines and give you the feeling for LingvoSoft language management. No need to leaf through the brittle pages anymore, save your time, the words you need are at the tips of your fingers, just one click away!

Choose an Online Dictionary from the list below; there are 400,000 entries in each one!


ABC Island demo new!
Free demo of our new word game.
Asianata demo new!
Free demo of our new oriental puzzle.
After The End demo new!
Free demo of our new 3rd person shooter.
Astrobatics demo
Free demo of horizontal space-shooting action.....and many more

ABC Island

Let's take a journey to the pirate's island through the heavy sea. This will be the voyage of great danger, but you'll be not alone making it. Your observation, your word knowledge and your loyal parrot will guide you in your search of the hidden treasure of the ABC. So cast off all ropes, set sail and put out to sea in ABC Island - the new addicting word game from KraiSoft Entertainment.

Alien Sky

Have you ever been under the alien sky? We give you a chance, but think twice before accepting this offer: being there isn't quite a way to relax. When there's always someone to burst you to pieces with his weaponry; when a swarm of alien ships suddenly becomes a well organized battle formation trying to overcome you with their agility and tactics; when a mighty devastation machine turns out to be a living organism full of hatred and aggression; than survival is not always a feasible task itself. And how about victory?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

HomeRun game

My favorite Flash game is a guilty pleasure. In Wagenschencke's HomeRun game, your thankless and devilishly difficult job is to guide an inebriated Swiss partier down the strasse. The kids will love it. ("Daddy, why does the man keep falling down?")

Monday, March 07, 2005

Domisol 1.2

Logic game!

Tired of work? Want to relax? Or refresh your brain? DomiSol is a logic game to train thinking and memory.

Domino Solitaire. 28 dominoes are placed to the rectangle but you don't see their bounds. Your goal is to reconstruct these bounds. Group the pairs of cells to restore the correct domino set. You see the dominoes set at the left side. Also there you'll see the cell pairs that you have joined to the groups. Each randomly generated set has at least one solution!

Remember that DomiSol is a logic problem. Don't mark the cells at random. So you are going to lose your patience before you solve it.

Supported platforms: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003.
No installation required.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Don't Gross Out The World

Take this quick quiz to see whether you have the chops to blend in with the locals while dining around the world. I would imagine no one will score 100 percent. I only got 6 correct out of 11 questions. Shame on me. I even got the Scottish question wrong

Mind Your Manners!

Adopt the role of a late 19th century character...
... and try to earn your place in a world where every move is governed by the rules of etiquette.
Pretty entertaining quiz.

Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged

The award-winning game play of Ricochet Lost Worlds is back! From the talented minds of designers from around the world comes the most dynamic brick-busting experience ever! This wild and warped game has you smashing your way through over 350 beautiful and exhilarating rounds that are truly the best of the best.

With its gorgeous artwork and innovative "Ring Game", this amazing collection picks up where Ricochet Lost Worlds left off. Rejuvenated, Reloaded . . . RECHARGED!

Saturday, March 05, 2005


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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

From Deutschland With Love

A German gaming site called Brettspielwelt recreates the board-game experience in cyberspace--but don't expect Monopoly or Scrabble.
In Germany, where board games have remained far more entrenched in popular culture, a group of enthusiasts has taken a different tack. Instead of abandoning the games they love in order to play online, the enthusiasts have brought their games online with them--with astonishingly painstaking craftsmanship. What's more, they've made these online editions available for free to all comers at their Web site, Brettspielwelt, which means "board game world" in German.
"But I don't speak German," you're thinking. "How could I get around the site and communicate with others?" Well, I don't speak German either--or at least not much.
But Brettspielwelt is reasonably English-friendly. On the home page, you can click on a tiny Union Jack icon to get an English version of the key information; there's even a nice Quick Start guide written by a native English speaker--one Jeffrey M. Bakalchuck, who appears to be working on a translation of a very comprehensive tutorial. (It is a bit disappointing, however, that clicking on the Basics button brings you to an "Under Construction" page.)
Anyway, the Quick Start guide is definitely the way to get up and running fast--although fast is a relative term here. If you access the Java-based site through your browser only, be prepared for frequent waits as applets are downloaded and installed. The alternative, which I highly recommend, is simply to download the free Java desktop client, which speeds things up considerably.

Pretty Good MahJongg

Designed for Easy Play

Pretty Good MahJongg makes playing MahJongg solitaire easy and fun. Each of the games feature undo to the beginning of the game, redo, snapshots, restarts, select game numbers, and full statistics. Hints are quickly available by right clicking on a tile. In tile matching games, you can find all the matches by right clicking in an empty area.

Leave a game while it is in progress and Pretty Good MahJongg will save it for you - when you enter that game or layout again it will be where you left off. You can submit your statistics to the web site and see how you rank against other players.

For an extra challenge, play Pretty Good MahJongg in Climb Mode and try to get the highest score!