Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Recreational Warfare

Welcome to the old official RecWar Homepage. RecWar is a free, top-down vehicle deathmatch game. Play over a network, splitscreen or against bots. You can download RecWar here (1.9MB). Or click the thumbnails for some full size screenshots.

RecWar is one of the few games in the Vehicle based Top Down Shooters genre. It's an action game where the main goal is to destroy as many vehicles as possible. To do this you have several weapons and unlimited ammo at your disposal. You can play over a network, splitscreen against your friends or just kill computer opponents. Playing splitscreen and over a network at the same time is also possible (handy when you're on the same team). Like any self respecting deathmatch game, RecWar also includes team game and Capture The Flag play modes. The Flag isn't just any flag though...


* Three different vehicles with eight weapons (and a self-destruct mechanism)
* Three game modes: Deathmatch, Team War and Capture The Cow
* Splitscreen and network play. Even both at the same time
* Up to 64 players and 11 teams
* Host automatically sends levels if necessary
* Configurable taunts

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