Saturday, June 25, 2005

Video Game Cheats Wiki

Video game cheats can greatly enhance the entertainment value of a particular game. It’s fun to break away from the ordinary and enjoy the goofiness that the game developers included with the title. Most video game cheat sites are closed off to you, the player. You can browse through their listing of codes, but you’re not really benefiting from the knowledge of the community of gamers. A site called Video Game Cheats Wiki allows anyone that wants to add their very own tips and tricks to do so.

Following the ideals of a Wiki, this site puts the content control in the hands of its visitors. They rely on you to submit your own hints, codes, walkthroughs, and so on. As you’ll see, doing so is ridiculously easy. If you see an explanation or hint that could be improved, go ahead and alter it. There isn’t a lot of action here yet, but once the gaming community gets wind of this, there is sure to be more to look at.

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