Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Would . . .you . . . like . . . to . . . play . . . a . . . game?”

The famous line from the 80’s classic film War Games said a lot about human nature. Twenty-something years later, what do we do with our computers? Play games, of course!


Its name says it all. There are hundreds of games here available for you to play online absolutely free! You’ll need Flash, but other than that, most any OS or browser should work. I’m an avid FireFox user, and everything I tried performed flawlessly with it.

The site is well organized according to game genres. For instance, if you like flying games of various flavors, these are grouped. They range from fighter planes to bone-dropping birds to landing balloons safely.

Perhaps adventure games are more your flavor? Then try any of the dozens of Batman games, including Batman Crime Wave, Batman in Cobblebot Caper, or Batman’s Gotham Dark Night. There are more heroes here than the Caped Crusader, though. For instance, try getting Space Dude past the monsters and get him back to his home planet.

I know, I know, you love arcade games. Never fear! You have your choice of 135 arcade games like Atomic Pong, Cannon Commander, Homer’s Beer Run, Monkey Cliff Diving, etc. etc.

Personally, I prefer the puzzle games. In fact, I’m a mah-jongg addict! I could spend hours on Flash Tile alone. It’s way cool! As you defeat layouts, it moves you on to tougher and tougher ones.

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