Monday, February 19, 2007


Alien Arena


Alien Arena 2007 6.03 has been released for Windows and Linux on January 23, 2007, nearly one year after the 2006 version.  My how much can change in one year!  It's amazing how the community has grown, and helped shape the game into what it is today.  It is safe to say, that AA2k7 barely resembles it's predecessor at all. 
What is different?  Well besides the upgrading of many textures, models, and effects, the engine has gotten a host of new features such as real time lighting and shadows, better dynamic lighting, shaders, new mutators, games modes, far too much to list here.  CRX 6.03 is not only faster, smoother than before, it's also much more stable and secure.  Most of's the maps!  Now with 35 total maps, the changes to the arenas in which to frag your victims are breathtaking!

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